Are your services and events open to the public?

Yes. Unless otherwise indicated all are welcome at our events including services.

Are groups allowed to attend events or do you offer special events for larger groups including students?

Yes. We encourage groups including confirmation classes, religious studies classes, adult education groups, and more to attend our services or come for a discussion but we'd ask you to schedule your visit, particularly if you want to have Rabbi Davis and our Welcoming Committee greet you, provide a discussion and question/answer session, or provide specific insights on a particular topic. 


Are tickets required for High Holy Day services?

No. While seating is guaranteed to our members first, and we'd like you to "register" as a guest - even our HHD services are open to the public.

I've been invited to a wedding, funeral, or bar/bat mitzvah. What should I expect?

As part of the reform Judaism movement and practice reform Judaism so guests, regardless of their own religious or spiritual beliefs or background should feel welcome to attend and participate an event. We have ample prayer books and Torah and Rabbi Davis will help guide you through services and ceremonies. Kippah/yarmulke and tallit are also available for visitors to borrow - both are optional and men and women are welcome to wear neither/either/both. We want you to be comfortable and to enjoy your time with us. If there is something you should/not specifically do - we'll make sure you know that. 

What are the costs for participation?

While our members are required to make financial arrangements as part of their application process, most of our events are free with donations strongly encouraged. When we have events that carry a cost (certain dinners and festival celebrations, for instance), we'll make sure that cost is included in promotion of the event. You can pay with cash or a check (made payable to "Congregation Emanu-El") at the door or register and pay for events ahead of time using online payment options or by mailing or dropping your payment at our main office.


Where can I learn more about Deli Day?

You can find all information on upcoming Deli Day (our signature community fundraiser) on the Deli Day page on our site or by contacting our main office or a member of our congregation. We look forward to you joining us for this annual tradition.


I'd like to get more involved with you through participation, membership, or perhaps even conversion. How do I get started?

Your best resource for getting involved is to check our calendar and come to an event. If you want to talk about specific opportunities with our committees, membership, or conversion - let's talk about that, too. Our Contact Us form will help you get in touch with the right people to match your interests.


I'd like more information about membership and financial expectations of membership. How can I have that discussion?

Our membership committee is your best resource for more information. Use our Contact Us form and we'll ensure someone gets in touch with you as soon as possible.


I've heard there is a discussion happening regarding a Joint Jewish Campus. What is the status of that discussion? How do I learn more?

We have representatives on a Joint Jewish Campus Committee with representatives of other local Jewish organizations. They provide regular updates to our Board of Trustees and our membership. We have contributed financially to that committee for endeavors like hiring consultants and an architect to help explore options and costs. This is not a discussion to merge congregations - only to share a campus space. There will be an all-member meeting in October 2018 to formally decide our collective next steps in the discussion. Want information sooner? Use the Contact Us form and we'll have one of our representatives on the Joint Jewish Campus Committee get in touch.


Does the congregation have its own cemetery? How do I learn more about burial options?

We do have our own cemetery here in Wichita. Use our Contact Us form to express interest and we'll have someone from our Cemetery Committee get in touch as soon as possible. 


I have to perform community service and/or contribute volunteer hours to a local organization. Do you have any need for volunteers?

We have various opportunities for volunteering and would never refuse an offer to help without at least talking about it first. Use our Contact Us form to tell us a little more about where your interest lies and how you think you could help us out. We'll get that to the right person(s) who will be in touch. 


Didn't see your question or a clear answer to it above? Let us know how we can help using our "CONTACT US" form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.