We proudly partner with/participate in the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation (MKJF) effort to "build, strengthen, and preserve Jewish identity within our local community, in Israel, and around the world through tzedakah, (the act of charitable giving to create a more just and righteous world), education and cultural events."

Our congregation frequently co-sponsors, hosts and/or participates in many events and programs and many of our member families also belong to MKJF. We also have members serving on MKJF’s board. Some of the larger cross-initiatives from MKJF are below. Want more information about MKJF and their work? Visit the group's website or contact them directly.



MKJF and its members are committed to ensuring a strong community - both within Jewish congregations and their member families - and beyond. From events and programs that ensure "continuity" and Judaism in Wichita's future to working with formal and in-formal inter-faith and secular organizations that provide meals, charity, and financial support to our larger community. 



Running two weeks each summer, MKJF's "Camp Shalom" brings together campers ages 3 - 12 with teen involvement as junior staffers from Wichita's Jewish congregations and the larger community for day programs that explore Judiasm and community, and ways to foster greater involvement in both.



Yachad and Café Chevre are two groups that focus on the "social" aspects of Judaism. Café Chevre has monthly lunches with guest speakers, inspiring topics, conversation, and fellowship. Yachad brings together singles and couples for dinners, activities, and special events that are intended to extend the social circle of Jews in Wichita.