Like all Jews, we mark the weekly "Sabbath" ("Day of Rest") from approximately sundown Friday to approximately sundown on Saturday. Our observance includes Erev Shabbat ("Eve of Shabbat") and Shabbat Morning services in our sanctuary.


Almost-exclusively lead by our own Rabbi Michael A. Davis, our Shabbat services are about an hour in length and typically include:

  • Piano and/or acoustic guitar accompaniment with a number of songs - traditional and our own - with all encouraged to participate
  • Engaging, collaborative spirit and tone
  • Traditional service components follow the Mishkan T'filah: A Reform Jew Siddur - with copies, complete with transliteration, available for all 
  • A traditional Torah portion with context before and sermon after
  • An open invitation for names of those in need of prayer and those recently deceased or marking the anniversary of their passing.
  • Onegs ("The Good Stuff") with traditional wine and grape juice and challah as well as a variety of other snacks and beverages to enjoy while socializing.

A few notes on services:

  • We hold a "Family Service" on the first Erev Shabbat of the month with a special, kid-focused siddur on the first Friday of each month
  • Our talented choir performs regularly at Erev Shabbat services
  • Friday services in July are guest-lead, abbreviated and do not include the Torah service. We do not hold Saturday services in July.


Visitors, including non-Jews, are always welcome to attend our regular services. Groups are encouraged to contact our front office or Welcoming Committee to schedule a visit - including an introduction and discussion before services. Never attended a Shabbat Service before? This page is a good primer for how we celebrate.