the eternal light glows brightly above our ark.

the eternal light glows brightly above our ark.

Today and Tomorrow

Like every congregation in every religion in America today - we're facing opportunities and challenges and evolving to meet the wants and needs of a changing community and society.

We're as committed to tomorrow as we are to today and we're open to ideas and participation that helps us stay true to our mission and values while always remaining a "welcoming" home for those who support reform Judaism.

Here are just a few of our current efforts:

  • A robust calendar full of worship, fun, and opportunities for involvement.
  • Membership initiatives to better-define what our members can expect from us and what we can expect from our members.
  • A welcoming environment that encourages guests, visitors, and the curious.
  • Focused fundraising that helps raise awareness for our faith and traditions while providing value to participants/donors.
  • Exploration of a Shared Jewish Campus with Hebrew Congregation (Wichita's other established Jewish community), the Wichita Jewish Community School, the Joan S. Beren Foundation, Camp Shalom, and the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation
  • Annual surveying of members and participants to ensure we're growing at the right pace and in the right direction.

Want to talk about our today and tomorrow? Let us know.